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7 DIY Candle Decorations For Diwali

Diwali is known as festival of lights and thus Diyas and Candles are the essence of this holy Hindu festival.With diwali Comes another Session of Festive Shopping and decoration.Markets are flooded with varieties of decoration items for diwali. People decorate their house in the best possible way they could.From rangoli designs  to lamps and lights everything should be perfect when the auspicious occasion of diwali arrives.

People Decorate their homes with Decorative Designer Diyas and candles in different unique ways of their own.Here we are going to discuss some of very unique and popular candle decoration ideas for this diwali. If you want something other than decorative designer diya’s and want to Do-it-yourself this post is for you.

DIY Fruit Candles

If you are a fan of aroma candles then here’s the tip to make your own mild aroma candles.Bring out the tropical flavour into your homes with these unique Fruit candles.Cut out the citrus fruits carefully not to break the outer peel then put a tea light in it.You can also use gel wax to fill up into fruits and then light them up for more strong aroma.These fruit candles are quite pretty to look at and makes your home smell amazingly fruity fresh.

orange peel

Bangle tea light holders

A real simple and easy Diwali decoration without the need of any extra items.You might be having some old bangles in your home that you might not be wearing again.Why throw them away or keep them stored forever when you can make these utterly beautiful bangle tea light holders.You can make them with several thin bangles or a 2-3 think ones.You can also add little glitter and decoration over the bangles just to add a little more beauty to it.

candle holder bangles

Henna Decorated candles

You might be accustomed to using henna on hands on festive occasions and wedding ceremonies but have you considered it using as a decorating element?If you have some medium to large sized plain candles at home then you can easily decorate it by making beautiful design patterns with henna.After the Design had been dried up perfectly you can paint it with acrylic paint to make the design look even prettier.

henna decorated candles

Quilling Candle Holder

Paper quilling had been one of the favorite technique for craft making and why it shouldn’t be,they turn out to be real beautiful each time you try it.It’s a time taking process but worth it.You can make various colorful diya platters and tea light holders by using quilling technique and decorate your house in a new fashion this diwali.Check out the images for some ideas.You can design your own platter choosing the colors that goes right with your home decoration.

paper quilling candles

Sea Shell Candles 

Sea Shells happen to make beautiful gifts,ornaments and decorations.If you are lucky enough to be having some shells at home or if it’s easy for you to collect some on the beeches then this DIY idea is yours.Either place a candle or fill them up with gel wax and there you go,Your own sea shell candles are ready.These make an elegant and sophisticated decor piece for your home.


Tin Wall hanging for candles

Another great DIY for your home using old used materials.All you require is some old tin cans and some creativity.Either spray paint or glitter coat your tin boxes to make them look festive ready.Hang them on the walls side ways as shown in the picture and place your diya’s or candles over it.You are free to use your decorating skills and decorate the way you like.

tin candles

Make your own glass of gel candles

You may have seen Gel candles selling in little glasses over the shelves in the market.Did that seemed costly to you?You can make your own at home.If you have old tea glasses or wine glasses you can use them for decorating purpose.Fill up the glass with some colorful sand and colored stones Over them pour a layer of gel wax and put a wick in it.Your gel candle is ready.You can use color variations as you like to make various designer gel candles.So Easy!

glass gel candles

With these Amazing candle decoration Ideas you can surely upgrade your decoration this year.They will brighten up your home without costing you a huge sum of money.You can save here and thus buy great diwali presents for your loved ones.Bring out a positive energy and reflect your self into your home decor with these easy and simple candle decoration ideas for diwali.

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  1. Festivals are not just about celebrating as a family, but also about decorating and doing up your house, together. Here are some ideas to make your home brighter and more beautiful, this Diwali.

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