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Anniversary Party Theme Ideas For couples

Planning a party is always a tiresome task but if you enjoy doing it then it’s really not a big deal. We organize a party to celebrate our love,happiness and success with our friends and family.Every occasion needs to be celebrated in it’s own special and unique way.Keeping that in mind we organize every party according to the occasion such as birthday,anniversary or festive party.These parties could be one of the best gifts for couple in India.

If we are going to spend on a party we better do it right and make it worth.Anniversaries are again joyous occasions and is a celebration of a couple’s love.In anniversary parties we celebrate the bond of love between a couple and the lovely time they had spent together.Whether you are organizing an anniversary party for yourself or for one of your family members or friends, you would be needing tips and guidance to make that party a hit.

We are here bringing some of the most loved and popular themes of all time for an anniversary party.

Selecting the right theme

Selecting the right theme is not a difficult task, you just need to keep a few things in mind and there you go.

  • Budget : Before going for any theme keep in mind of your budget, the theme shouldn’t be extravagant. Do all the calculations that can you make the best of the theme in the limited budget then there you go.Don’t settle for less,you can always choose a different theme that could be managed in the same budget.
  • Personality and Preference of the couple : This party could be an amazing anniversary gift for a couple.Always ask the couple before making any decision.
  • Guests : Before imposing any theme on to the guests make sure that your guests are comfortable with it. If it is a family and friends you can keep crazy stuff.But if you are inviting people from your office then you need to keep it more sober.

Retro Theme Party

If you are planning a party for your parent’s or any other elderly couple in your family then you may go to retro theme. Set up your party in Late 80’s or 90’s theme or the time when they got married.You may mention the theme on the invites and ask your guests to dress up like that. Further more you can Decorate the party in the retro theme or use their wedding albums and pictures to create a duplicate scene of their wedding decorations. This will surely make the happy couple remember their wedding day back then.

Summer BBQ Lawn Party Theme

If you have decided to organize your party in a lawn or garden then this is the most suitable theme.Food and drinks are going to be the main ingredients of this party so you need to be careful with the catering services.For the theme since it is a summer BBQ you can also give a little Hawaiian touch by setting up the dress code to summer fashion and beach. Decorate your Party by spreading on BBQ around the lawn with various dishes at each corner so that every one feels as if they are in a BBQ fair.You can use summer mood signs and boards to decorate the lawn.This is just a basic idea there’s a lot you can experiment here according to your budget.

Honeymoon Theme

The next theme would be totally based on the place where the couple went for honeymoon.If this is party you are organizing for someone else then you have to dig a little deeper and get to know about the place where they went for honeymoon.You can decorate the party with pictures of their honeymoon. Try setting up the theme of the place, you can create themed photo booths of their favorite places too.

Favorite color cocktail party theme

This may seem a little overrated but you can do a lot with it.If you are hosting a very sophisticated party  for adults then this theme fit’s right in place.You can decorate the place with the favorite color of the couple and ask your guests to wear the same.You can pick two colors from the couple,one from her and one form him.Keep the decoration simple and sober that goes right with a cocktail party.

After selecting the theme there’s a long way to go for the party to be a success but you need to be careful that you embed the theme in everything.Dresses,decoration,Cake,food and invites all should go along the theme.

What’s next after the party?

Well the party has been a hit but did you thought about the gift?If it’s your anniversary you need to buy something really special for you better half.Whatever be the case since you are throwing such a charming party you need to find  unique couple gifts in India.

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