Unique Birthday Gifts For Girl Best Friend


birthday gifts for girl best friendWe have done all the painfull work for you and hunted some of the best and unique Birthday gifts for Girl Best Friend you can buy in India. These birthday gift ideas for female best friend are hand picked from amazon.in. We have excluded some of the popular and traditional website’s like Bigsmall, Ferns N Petals , Archies etc Because their gifts are too costly and Poor delivery.

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1- Personalized Gifts

Choose from the most amazing and unique personalized gifts for her. You can express your feelings to a much greater extent with personalized gifts. A large variety of personalized gifts are available hence to make your task easier we have selected some of the best and most appreciated personalized birthday gifts for girl best friend. The most beautiful thing about personalized gifts is that they are really meaningful and they just touch your heart.

Personalized photo wall sticker

You may have definitely seen wall photo murals somewhere. Personalize a beautiful wall photo sticker for your girl best friend on her special day. Gift them this big size of their favorite pic and we could bet they won’t be able to stop adoring it whole day long! What’s more…you can also add  a special message for her to make this gift even more wonderful.

Rotating personalized photo lamp

A perfect combination of photo frame and night lamp. You can easily include 15-20 best photos of your girl and customize it the way you want.Along with the photos you can also add a cute engraved message on the lid. So if you were thinking of gifting your girl best friend a photo frame then get over it and choose this trendy personalized photo lamp as her next birthday present.

Personalized LED Night Light

If you are thinking of giving your girl best friend a personalized gift then this might also be a good birthday gift idea for girl best friend.This is  a personalized 3-D color changing night lamp.You can personalize it with a message and design of your own choice.

Personalized Photo Gift

Searching for a better birthday gift for girl best friend than a photo frame?This unique photo collage gift could be a wonderful gift for female friend.This could hold a full size picture of your friend along with several other small picture collage.You can also personalize it with an alphabet and photo’s.

Personalized engraved photo

Give your girl best friend something special than just a photo frame.The photo along with text is engraved on it to give it a 3-d effect.Get the best of your picture taken together engraved so that your girl best friend could feel your presence even when you are not there.Make her feel special by finding the perfect gift for her.

LED Cushion With Your Friend’s Photo

Well you must have heard of personalized photo cushions but why gift her just a simple cushion when you could gift her this unique LED cushion personalized by you.You can have a picture printed along with a message in your favorite color LED light.Give her a goodnight sleep on this comfortable cushion and cherish a beautiful smile on her face in the morning when she sees your message every morning.Make her special day perfect by selecting this as birthday gift for her.

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2- Gifts for Makeup Lovers

So you are looking for Birthday gifts for girl best friend who is a makeup enthusiast and loves to carry makeup stuffs along the way every time.These Unique Birthday Gifts can mean to her so much because she loves doing make up equally as she loves you. Choose from these Gifts Ideas and definitely she will fall for it.Gifting these products will glow a surprising smile on her face as she has never expected these products. We have hand picked these gift items for your female friend which are exclusively available on amazon india.Check out these awesome Products

Cute Compact Jwellery Box.

If your female friend has many different necklace, jewelry and accessories.This may be the perfect birthday gift for your girl best friend.Opens in different layers this nifty box can store many of your friend’s precious jewels and ornaments compactly.

Apple Macbook Compact Mirror.

This mini macbook looking thing is actually a compact mirror which comes handy when outside for better and closer look for your girl best friend.This Birthday gift will make her more beautiful in public.

LED Hair Lights.

Bro if your mate love to going party/bars/pubs then you cant miss this awesome product. This is fiber optics based LED hairs lights which is easy wearable to anyone. Just put on the lights and rock the party. Your girl best friend is definitly gonna love this

LED Eye Lashes.

Following the party culture this gift will light the eyes of your female friend because it literally does it, This innovative LED eye lashes is next level gift for your friend. This fashionable eye lashes has 7 different colors. Lets make your girl best friend dance with you.

Manicure/Pedicure Kit.

Another essential for make queen girls.This professional grooming kit allows your girls to have their manicure/pedicure easily at home.Contains 12 pieces of stainless steel tools including facial care tools,manicure and pedicure tools to have perfectly groomed face and nails.An excellent gifting option option for make up lover girl best friend.

Luxury Spa Hamper.

So your female friend is sensitive and loves her skin so much like you do, then my friend you need to check this Luxury bath and body spa hamper. It has Strawberry Shower Gel With Skin Conditioners, Strawberry Natural Moisturising Body Lotion, Hydrating Skin Booster, Calming, Rose Geranium Cold Pressed Body Massage Oil etc,etc and what not! Check it definitely to get a perfect birthday gift for girl best friend.

Nail Stencils.

Have a craze of doing nail arts?If you always mess up during doing nail arts and want clear and pretty nail arts then these nail stencils are going to help you a lot.Show your creativity with these nail stencils and make astonishing designs.If your girl best friend loves art and nails then this might be your pick.

Flamingo Makeup Pouch.

Super stylish and unique makeup pouch for all make up lovers.An excellent birthday gift for girl best friend who is make up queen.Now she can access all of her makeup on the go while outing,travelling or camping.This bag also contains three zipper pockets to hold her tiny accessories so that they don’t mess up with others.Comfortable and portable to carry around.

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3- Cute Gifts

Your girl best friend may be obsessed with cute things and falls for every cute teddy and kitty, I mean who doesn’t like cute things espacially when you are a girl. Many men got confused while deciding cute gifts for Birthday for their girl best friend But we are at rescue feturing cutest products we found on amazon.We have covered from cute bags to trendy cat rings. Definetly best Birthday Gifts for Girl best Friend. Lets check these out..

Glitter Liquid Phonecase.

Well there are thousands of cute phone cases in the market but this one is definitely a unique piece.Your girl best friend will love this shiny and glittery phone case.Gift this splendid glitter flowing phone case as birthday gift to your girl best friend so that she could make every other girl around her jealous.

Detachable Sling Clutch.

Rock the party with these amazing and adorable sling clutches.Grab every girls attention with these flirty clutches. You can use them as a sling purse or a clutch whichever suits your dress.An excellent choice of birthday gift for girl best friend.

2D Retro Bag.

Well you must be thinking that this is a photo shopped cartoon image, let me correct you its not. Its a real hand bag originated from japan and anime culture having awesome 2d illusion looks.This bag looks like a cartoon from some decent distance but its very handy and useful along with flaunty looks. Definitely awesome Birthday Gift for Girl best Friend.

Cat Print Transparent Socks.

These cat print socks are so flirty and it looks cute as well.Now let your girl best friend flaunt with her feet even she has no sandal or shoe. These are following latest transparent looking socks culture but has a cute cat face on front. Check if this is your stop for finding birthday gift for girl best friend.

Desi Party Props(Off topic but Awesome).

These party props are so unique and desi. If you have any concert event or any wedding celebration these party prop comes in hand for photoshoot and masking. The best use of these is of course in Birthday Parties. Every prop reflects different personality. Definitely awesome birthday gift for you girl best friend.

Extra Soft Elephant Pillow.

If you girl best friend is lazy af and likes to sleep all day long then gifting her this cute Elephant Pillow is a must do.Stop your search for cute Birthday gifts for girl best friend here. Check this cute plush Elephant pillow, which will be always closer to her and cuddle her like you do.

Sneaky Cute Kitty RIng.

You may have seen many different rings but trust me this is different.It’s made of thai silver which gives it a perfect tarnished, vintage look. One can see this ring from decent place and it looks like a cat sitting on your finger.These cat rings are highly in trend so may be this would be a perfect birthday gift for your girl best friend.

Funny Frog Sleep Mask.

This is one the funniest things you can gift to your female best friend.This Frog sleep mask can close or open its own eye depending upon what you wanna look like.based on the looks of mutant ninja turtle it has very comfortable feel while wearing it.

Big Red Lips Cushion.

A wonderful surprise gift for girl best friend.This Red lips cushion is fluffy,soft and has a very attractive bright red color.Any girl would love having this super cute red lips shaped cushion.A perfect birthday gift for female friend,birthday gift for friend.

Coffee Mug with Metal Straw

If your girl best friend loves having a cup of coffee in the morning or is a coffee addict then this large size mug would be an excellent choice of gift for her.This large coffee mug looks elegant and contains a metal straw attached so that she could have her favorite drink comfortably.

LED Star Plush Cushion

These Cushions are made to be loved by girls. The super cute LED Plush pillows comes in star shape and can change up to seven LED Colors.They are soft to use and you can’t even feel the batteries.A perfect Decor and cute birthday gift for girls.

Scissor shaped Hair Clip

Have you seen this unique hair clip before?Well we bet you haven’t otherwise you would own it.These quirky and unique scissor clip are perfect for any girl .It is super cute and sexy at the same time.A budget friendly birthday gift for female friend.

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4- Gadget Gifts for Her

Gadgets!! Everyone love gadgets. When it comes to gifting your special friend and your head is not striking with gadget ideas it’s not possible in today’s lifestyle.As you already know how much your girl best friend loves gadgets,we are here to help you find some of the awesome hand picked gifting gadgets available on amazon India.These listed gadgets are rarely seen and some of them you dont even know exists.Lets have a look at some of the best birthday gift for girl best friend.

Wristband Earphone.

So you want to gift her earphone.Why Not give this awesome wristband earphone.If your girl best friend is a music freak and needs to carry her everywhere this wristand earphone is ultimate solution of it.Just wrap it along your wrist and carry around everywhere.Go checkout this awesome birthday gift for your girl best friend.

Zipper Earphones.

These are phumble free less messy earphones which saves you lots of time solving those tangeled earphone.It has long inbuilt zipper structure which will zip up to make those two Left and Right wire into one.Perfect birthday gift for girls best friend.Definitley go check this out.

TimeBox LED Bluetooth Speaker Box.

You must have seen many good bluetooth speakers but we could bet that this one is something different.This TimeBox speaker has much powerful sound and many customizable features.It works with Timebox app which you can download it from hereThis Bluetooth speaker would be a unique gift for your girl best friend who loves music.

Lazy Reader Glasses.

If your friend is a bookworm and loves reading everytime then you cant resist gifting her this unique Lazy reader glass.What it does? of it makes you more lazy while making reading easy while lying on bed it basically reflects text on 45º angle. Your female best friend must love this gift.

World’s Smallest Steam Iron.

Many of girls are travel junkies and love to travel with lots of luggage which includes lots of clothing.So if your girl best friend is one of them then you should think of gifting her this unique and small, we mean the world’s smallest steam iron.Along with its cute looks it is also handy in ironing daily clothes.You can carry it along anywhere easily because of its portable size and light weight.

Moon Lamp.

If you want to gift your girl best friend something that astonishes and amazes her then this moon lamp is perfect.We can bet that she will be amazed with the beauty of this awesome lamp.This moon lamp looks so realistic and is an awesome decor item to have.Available in various different colors and sizes you can choose whichever suits you.

Quick blow polish dryer

Girls love to have pedicure/manicure and apply cute nail polishes. If your girl best friend loves painting her nails then this quick blow monkey polish dryer would be a perfect birthday gift for girl best friend. No need waiting hours for drying up your polish to complete you nail art. Now your female friend could make amazing nail arts in minutes.

Musical Flower Pot

Here we are with another exciting gadget gift for her.This looks like an ordinary flower pot instead it is a 4 in 1 flower pot.This flower plays piano music every time you touch the leaves of the plant.It also comes with a bluetooth speaker and a night light.Amazed right?Gift this magic flower pot to your girl best friend now and surprise her.

Smallest Power Bank in India

Presenting India’s smallest 10000 mah power bank. This small power bank fits easily into your palm,is very lightweight and thus portable to carry around in pocket or purse.Gift this unique gadget gift to your girl best friend on her birthday.

Lazy Neck Phone Holder

We know how much tiresome it is holding your phone screens while lying down.  This lazy neck phone holder is revolutionary device for holding your phone while you get chill and enjoy your movie.This extremely light weight is perfect for reading and watching video in bedroom car or anywhere.

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5- Quirky Gifts for Her

Hey!! we know you are too frank with your girl best friend and want to gift her something quirky and funny on her birthday.No problem we have seen very strange  girl boy friendship some are not okay with funny jokes and flirts while some so confident in anything thats why they have so benefits of girl boy friendship.Hehe you are right you lucky bastard. So we have digged some naughty gifts too for your naughty friend on their birthday.

Squezzy Stress Balls.

These balls are so fun to squeez as they look like they are suffocating bubble. Everyone has some level of stress these days aand there are so many stress busting toys in the market. But these stress balls are another level. Just squeez these balls and have a feeling of deep relief. These stress balls are highly trendy these days and can be used as gift to girl best friend.

Wooden Khat Table.

Now serve food in style with these stylist and desi wooden khat food serving table. This cute looking khat thing can be used as a multipurposefor serving various different foods and other items.Now kitchen will look more desi with this decorative wooden khat table. Perfect to any sepcial friend who loves quirky stuffs.

Whiteboard Fridge Magnet.

This Whiteboard fridge magnet is another cute and quirky stuff for one’s kitchen. Now organise  your daily kitchen to do list or food list in stlye.This whiteboard fridge mage has inbuit pen holder, so whenever you need write something you could without any problem.Perfect Gifting item for female friends for their fridge.

Pimple Popping Squeezing Toy.

I think you all know what it is. Pimple popping squeezing toy is an awesome prank/gag toy for parties and other events. This grossy popper looks so real as cant controll yourself withoout popping every  single of them. They can be re-use with with given filler again and again. So make your friends surprise with these funny thing on their birthday.

Mini Cotton Candy Machine.

If your girl best friend is candy lover and lust for candies all the time then this machine is all you need. This portable mini cotton can be the perfect gift for her. Now she can make as much cotton candy she wants and eat them all day. Must checking out birthday gifts for girl best friend.

Frying Pan Clock.

This is cutest clock of the town just look at it. We you somehow thinks that you need to gift clock to your girl then here you got one.This frying pan shaped omlet cooking clock looks so cute and fits perfect for any kitchen or dining area. You can hang it or simply put it on any table or something. Perfect to gift your girl best friend on their birthday.

We have put a lot of effort to handpick these unique Birthday gifts for your girl best friend.Each product is unique and special in it’s own way.Birthday’s are joyous occasions and we know that you want to make it special for your friend hence we came up with this list of birthday gifts for your girl best friend. We hope you liked these products as much we do and helped you in deciding the right gift for your friend.Its your Bestie’s Birthday man you gotta make it memorable. Good Luck!


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