5 Unique Diwali Gift Hamper Ideas

Our Diwali Shopping list just incomplete without gifts. Gift hampers have always been a delight and are most preferred gifts brought during festive season. But are you bored of seeing or receiving the same diwali gift hamper baskets each year? Then just think what your friends and relatives must be thinking on seeing the same basket every time. This year it’s time to bring a change. Select the most unique Diwali gift ideas with hamper baskets for your loved ones and bring a smile on their face along with a pinch of excitement.

Tea Hamper for tea lovers: Well there might be some people in your life who can never say to a cup of tea. Those people are just obsessed with tea and for them life without tea is impossible. In fact, their most treasured jewel would be tea. For these tea crazy people in your life get them an extraordinary tea hamper basket. For a sophisticated touch get them some English tea flavors such as earl grey. You can also get a mixed flavored tea hamper from the tea gardens of Darjeeling, which you can easily order them online.

A box of Sweet treats : We can say that sweets are a little too common and you want to visit your relatives house with something exciting and unique. If you are looking forward visiting your younger cousins then probably a box of these delicious looking donuts would be a great idea. They are so pretty to look at and makes everyone happy. If you can find you can even go for cute macrons and cupcakes, both of them make an amazing sweet treat gift. Look for them at your nearest bakeries or hotels or order online.

Don’t go NUTS: Gourmet gift boxes are getting quite popular in India. With gaining popularity these hampers are now available in different origins and styles. Try out the new flavored nuts which include chocolate coated or cheesy nuts. Insane right? If you are looking to impress your boss or something then go for it. The receiver will surely go nuts after receiving this unique Diwali gift.

A healthy Basket : An exemplary Diwali gift hamper basket idea for all the fitness and health freak in your life. You can include products such as health supplements, nutritious treats, protein powder, etc. Apparently, you may visit any health supplement providing website and buy a month’s subscription, these monthly subscriptions include various assorted unique range of healthy products.

Classic Diwali Gift Basket : In case you have no idea and just to mingle stuff then go for a customized gift basket. Jot down some of the basic things in a gift basket such as chocolates, sweets, Juice or Wine and then mix up with a bunch of other tasty delights. You can also add a few favorites of the receiver if you know about their likes and dislikes. Few of other little surprises that you could add are jams, jellies, cookies, etc.

Along with Diwali decoration ideas you need proper gifts and Diwali favors for every guest in your house. You can impress them with your decorating skills but what makes them happy is gifts. Go for one of the above Diwali hamper gifts and spread love and happiness in your family and friends. These unique Diwali gift hamper ideas will surely surprise your loved ones. Present them something new and exciting when they would be expecting the same regular stuff. Happy Shopping!

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