Eco friendly Diwali Gift Ideas

Surprise your loved ones with the gift of nature.After shopping for Diwali Decorative Diyas you need to look for some unique gifts for your loved ones.

Strike off Diwali gifts from your Diwali shopping list and this Diwali try something new to make it special.

These days Everywhere during festive season we see this Eco-friendly or “Environment friendly” products being very popular. During Diwali we go for safe and Eco-friendly Diwali by saying no to crackers. Among all these have you ever thought of an Eco-friendly gift? No? Just as I thought! If you are opting to go green this Diwali then why be left behind when it comes to gifts.

The best thing about these green gifts is that you can make them yourself with just a little effort. On the other note we all know that people close to us would love receiving handmade gifts. In fact, according to a survey handcrafted gifts are considered more thoughtful and are more adored than others.

DIY Terrariums

You may be familiar with the term terrarium. They have been one of the most talked décor items past summer and have been ever since trending. Well if you haven’t heard about them till now then no worries you will be introduced to this unique décor here.

Terrariums are basically plants inside a glass body, it could be hanging or just kept still on a stand. They are very much different from potted indoor plants as there is no pot and the plants are grown just inside the glass. You can create beautiful décor pieces in just a small piece of glass box. They can be put outside in the garden as well as inside the house. For indoor terrariums indoor plants are more preferred. The best plants for terrariums are succulent plants. They are available in beautiful wide varieties.

You can use old fish bowls, glass jugs or jars and even mugs. Just buy some beautiful succulent plants and arrange them with stones, pebbles or even colorful sand. It’s all up-to you. These make perfect gift for every relation.


Gift a Pot of Herb

If you don’t want to make a big deal about it and want to buy simple yet elegant and unique gifts then go for a hand painted potted plant. Painting a pot doesn’t takes much time or effort. There are tons of ideas of painting your pot. You can write a simple quote on a white porcelain pot or paint it in simple stripes or any color you want.

Now painting is not a big and you can easily decorate these pots but what about the plants in these pots? Here’s a special and unique Diwali gift idea, What do you think about gifting a herb plant? You would have not considered it ever before because generally people opt for beautiful looking indoor flowers or cactus plant. Go for various daily use medicinal herb plants such as basil, lavender, rosemary, mint, etc.

For a casual look you may plant these herbs in medium sized mason jars.

Make your Own plant bookends

These wonderful plant bookends will just brighten up the receiver’s day. Another amazing diwali gift ideas from succulents. No wonder they have taken over the Instagram! People are going crazy and are so obsessed with these beautiful tiny succulent plants.

Go for this wonderful economical Diwali gift for every book lover or “bibliophile” in your life. Create beautiful bookends in just few steps. The best thing about DIY’s is that you can explore something new each time. For this DIY take any two toothbrush holders, go for a single, two or three blocks holder. Plant a succulent in one of the blocks and use the others to keep your stationary.

Take a look at detailed guide here.

Apparently if you don’t want to use toothbrush holders, replace them with glass bowls.


Aren’t you pleased with these amazing Diwali gift ideas? Trendaap brings out unique gifts in India and we ought to keep our even when it comes to DIY’s. That’s why we bring out unique and creative gift ideas for you and your loved ones.

Celebrate this Diwali in an eco friendly way and take a step ahead in preserving our nature and surroundings. Choosing oil diyas and lamps, Going for light emitting crackers only, Using organic Rangoli colors are just a few more things we can do towards well-being of our environment. It is wisely said

“A little step taken today can make a big difference in the future.”

Hope this Diwali will be prosperous and safe for you.If you are still worried that you might not be able to impress your girl with these gifts then have a look at these unique gifts for girls. We are quite sure she won’t be disappointed by these thoughtful gifts.

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