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Unique Handicraft Diwali Decoration Items To Buy This Festive Season

Diwali brings out a new inspiration in people’s life each year. Everyone is excited and engrossed in various activities leading Diwali preparations. With Diwali here comes another holy festival where people follow thousands of years old customs and rituals. This festival represents our culture and tradition in a way. We can find a pinch of ethnicity in everything revolving around diwali.

With this auspicious celebration lets immerse ourselves into our year old traditions and culture. How great it would be to have our surroundings drenched into the sea of our culture. To keep up with the festive theme of diwali we are here giving you few amazing traditional handicraft diwali decoration ideas. Revive your home decor this festive season with an aesthetic appeal from these extraordinary handicraft decors MADE IN INDIA.

Mini Warli Vases

This art originated from Maharashtra region and is one of the most practiced beautiful art. One can find various warli art items including paintings, flower vases, mugs, etc. For this Diwali decoration you can go for one set of these cute mini Warli Flower Vases.


Wooden Serve Wares

These pretty serve wares will just increase the beauty of your dinning table. You can buy various wooden serve wares such as wooden trays, condiments jars, wooden plates, etc. These Wooden serve wares are most probably made of sheesam wood for it’s long durability.


Blue Pottery Tea Set

You people must have heard about this famous art form practiced in Jaipur, Rajasthan. This is a turko-persian art which when brought to the country was adapted by the workers and is now a widely known art. You can also buy Blue pottery vases. pots, mugs,plates,etc.


Marble Ganesha Idol

The beauty of Taj Mahal is not hidden from the world, this iconic structure represents the age old marble convention in India. You may have seen Miniature White marble Taj Mahal so why not bring home this Diwali a Marble Lord Ganesha Idol.


Bamboo Baskets

Each part of Indian is bestowed with a unique craft and one of these is bamboo work. You can find numerous bamboo items for decor as well as all purpose use. Take a look at these cute Bamboo Baskets, you can also get bamboo lamps, bamboo cane bar stools, Bamboo lawn chairs,jewelery boxes, wall hangings and much more. Bamboo art gives a contemporary touch to our traditional craftsmanship. Bamboo bags makes excellent gifts for girls age 20.


Metal Meenakari Swans

This is another Persian art which was brought down to Varanasi during the Mughal Era. You may find a few similarities between this and blue pottery as they both have a Persian fusion. Meenakari is basically working on metals by coloring them with bright colors. These swans make a beautiful decor for Diwali.


Handicraft Embroidered Cushion Covers

Generally in the Diwali shopping list Cushion Covers, curtains, bed sheets are included so why not instead of getting some costly item we go for handicraft things. Handicraft Embroidered Cushion Covers can be found in various designs and they all go perfect with any sofa or chair. In the same way several handcrafted curtains and bed sheets are available. Few of the popular handicraft diwali decoration varieties may be

  • Silk Patch Work
  • Block printing Work
  • Kalamkari design
  • Kantha Work

These Indian Handicraft decor items makes a unique and extraordinary diwali decor. You may include them while going out for diwali shopping or order online. All of the items are available on amazon India. These Unique handicraft diwali decoration could make up an excellent gifting option for our family and friends.

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  1. Nice collection of gifts for this Diwali. I really love those swans and will buy them.

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