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Experience Gifts For couples in India

Are you yet not aware of Experience Gifts?To make a special day last forever and make it more memorable people now a days are trying out various experience gifts.You can either gift your loved one a experience or get on an adventure together.For couples the idea of experience gifting is like a blessing.You two can enjoy a whole lot of time together making new memories that would stay with you forever.

Experience gifting could be quite expensive in some cases.It all depends on to what length you are willing to go and of course also on the length of your pocket.We have sorted out some of the best and budget friendly Experience Couple Gifts in India.

So what can we exactly gift to experience?

This is where you let your imagination run,think of anything that your partner wishes to do but it isn’t that common and you wouldn’t think of it until it’s a very special occasion.You can take your partner to places where you would have never thought of going.You just need to make it memorable and fun.

Below here we have a compilation of some unique and fun experience gift ideas for couples.

Aromatic Massage 

Take your partner to a luxury massage parlour. There are places where you can go with your partner and get massage together.It’s really refreshing and soothing. It’s the best experience gift if you are looking forward to have a pleasant and calm day with your partner. Later on you can take your partner for a fancy meal.

aromatic couple massage

Couple Photoshoot

It doesn’t matter’s if you are a young or old couple you can have a photoshoot any day you want.Book an appointment with the best photographers in your city under your budget. Get ready to capture some of your life’s most beautiful moments.You can go to different places for your photoshoot,places that are connected to you both.


Couple Aroma Jacuzzi Spa

Have you heard of this before?If you haven’t then you better take this.Jacuzzi spa’s are taken in hot water tubs with lots of fragrances,aromas and salts.Refreshes your body as well as mind.This is again a soothing and calming experience.If you have got a bath tub at home you can easily get it ready at home.All you need to do is set up the ambiance and decorate the place like a real spa with bubbles and aroma.

jacuzzi spa

Record your Own Song

If you and your partner loves singing then here’s the deal for you.Contact a recording studio and set up a deal to record your own song.They are easily available in cities and are not at all very costly.Get your partner ready and compose your own song!


Cocktail Sessions

If you want to do something more fun and exciting then this could fit in.You don’t wanna travel or something and just want to take a day off from your hectic schedule. Go to an expensive bar with your partner and try out every new drink that you haven’t till date.Bit adventurous,No? You can also opt for a wine tasting session if you want something a little more sophisticated.


All of these Experience ideas are easily available in many cities.You just need to look for it.By making a little effort you can bring a smile on your partner’s face and make his/her day worth remembering.These were very budget friendly and non-adventurous experience gifts.You can always try luxurious gifts or adventure experience if you like.

Hope you two have a great day with these fun ideas of experience for couples in India.

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