Quirky FIFA Collectibles/Unique Gifts For Football Fans In INDIA


After four years of long wait FIFA season is back and the fans cannot hide their excitement. So buckle up and get ready for another breathtaking adventurous journey of FIFA 2018. Soccer/Football fans all over the world are thriving with joy and excitement for this FIFA 2018 season. To pace up with the FIFA mood and environment we are bringing some excellent and unique collectibles for FIFA lovers and gifts for football fans out there. Grab these now and immerse yourself into FIFA fever a bit more, showing your ultimate support for your favorite team.
These FIFA football gifts are not only good as collectibles but some of them could also be very useful in day to day life. Flaunt your love for football with these amazing products or surprise your football enthusiast friends by gifting one of these to them. We bring a wide variety of unique Football gifts and products to choose from, such as merchandise, accessories, décor and much more that any FIFA lover cannot resist having.

Before that here are 8 fun facts about FIFA worlcup.

  • The World Cup in 2018 will mark the first time Russia has ever hosted this event.
  • For the first time in the history of soccer, the 2002 World Cup was held in two different countries: South Korea and Japan.
  • It is rumored that India withdrew from the 1950 tournament as they were not allowed to play barefoot.
  • The first World Cup was played in 1930. Uruguay was both the tournament host and winner that year.
  • The World Cup has been played 20 times, Brazil holds the most titles with five. Italy and Germany are close behind with four each
  • The World Cup trophy went missing for 7 days in 1966, when it was stolen just prior to the tournament.
  • The oldest goal scorer in the World Cup was Roger Milla, who was 42 in 1994 when he scored a goal for Cameroon against Russia.
  • While 32 teams will qualify for the 2018 tournament, the number will jump to 48 in 2026.


1-Football jersey online shopping India

If you are a die hard football fan and love collecting your favorite football players jersey then trendaap is the right place.We present you a unique and latest collection of FIFA world cup t shirts with FIFA 2018  jerseys of various countries playing in this world cup 2018.So each FIFA day Live it Up! with our FIFA 2018 logo tshirts,fan tshirts and many more gifts for football fans India.

The most wanted product during any sport festival or sport season is favorite team jersey. To make it more interesting we are bringing you themed FIFA 2018 logo t-shirts, FIFA team country t-shirts along with your favorite FIFA football team jersey.
Team Fan jersey : These fan team jersey are replica of original FIFA 2018 team jersey’s for different countries. We present the jersey’s of top most favorite teams of the world this fifa season such as brazil jersey 2018, so select your favorite team now.

Buy Unique gifts for football fans in India

Country fan tees: Now select from the exclusive FIFA 2018 collection to brag your style and boost up your team spirit with the funky new version of country tees. If you want something different than team jersey’s this year then get one of these unique and new collection tees.
Fifa 2018 logo t-shirts: Every country who gets to organize FIFA takes pride in doing so and this year RUSSIA is overwhelmed with this joyous occasion in which the whole world participates. These FIFA 18 logo t-shirts represent the true spirit of FIFA 2018 RUSSIA.

2-Football players action figures

The ultimate fight for the world cup is on.Football fans are all set to support their favorite player with ultimate FIFA 2018 merchandise and if you feel like you have been left behind then grab some of our fifa goodies now!Join the army of your favorite player or favorite country.Check out these football players action figures and bring some action in life.Join Neymar, Messi or Ronaldo’s army with these cute footballer action figures.Get amazing gifts for football fans at trendaap. So what’s your dusri country this FIFA?? These makes perfect gifts for football fans. These cute miniature figurines makes awesome gifts for football fans no matter it’s a kid, adult, creative birthday gifts for girlfriend, gifts for men, etc.

3-Gift for football fans India

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is a crazy football fan and you want to gift them something Football themed then worry no more! We have got extraordinary and cool gifts for football fans.Also check out our exclusive FIFA World cup 2018 gifts like world cup beer glass, FIFA 2018 logo t-shirts,FIFA country flags,FIFA 2018 jerseys.

Here we have the deal breaker gift for football fans and FIFA lovers. Enjoy your favorite team’s match with a chilled beer into your classic funky World cup trophy beer glass. Just fill up this glass with beer and see how it starts to glow. This makes watching the game even more fun and exciting, it could be because of all the beer you drank or the magical charisma of this world cup trophy beer mug, you never know! Makes up a wonderful and cool gift for boyfriend, gift for husband or gifts for football lover.You can also select one of these unique collectibles as birthday gifts for girl best friend.

Quirky FIFA World Cup Gifts

If you have been a FRIENDS fan you will definitely love this mini foosball table and even if you aren’t a FRIENDS fan but love football then this is some attention grabbing stuff here. With FIFA world cup  going around why not have a little play inside your home. This is a very addictive and fun game to play so BEWARE you might spend too much time on it. It’s a hit for any soccer fan to love this mini foosball table so buy it for yourself or it could also serve as an extraordinary cool gifts for football fans.

4-Football Wall stickers

Decorate your room with football wall stickers and stand out than ordinary wall arts. Get your favorite football players wall sticker at trendaap. Engrave into the world of football even more with these football wall stickers on amazon. These football wall art are perfect for gifting any football freak fan or sport room or wall decor for sports shop.Wall stickers are one of the most prominent decors at home, office or any other place. These wall décor football poster ideas are a real head turners and people cannot stop themselves from taking a look of them. Exaggerate your football craze by styling your walls with these football poster wall stickers of your favorite football player. These are perfect for home, shop or any themed restaurants. With FIFA season on its peak these just makes more sense. You can gift any of these football gifts to your football freak friend.

These posters make amazing gifts for girls age 20 as teenagers love decorating their rooms with posters and stuff.