Desi Gifts For a Teacher: These 24 Gifts are just brilliant.

Teachers day is arriving soon and so is the need for finding the perfect gifts for a teacher . Trendaap brings you some of the unique gifts for teachers so that you can express your gratitude towards them.Handpicked collection of gifts for female teacher’s, gifts for male teachers and some of the best gift for teacher from student.

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We have spent lots of time selecting these awesome goodies. For your kind notice,all the products are linked to amazon india.You can check them here and go to amazon for more.Also we have excluded sites like archies  , ferns and petal. . Some of the gift products can be found on our store and some of them are just linked for this page only.So lets dive into awesomness

1. Awesome Greetings Cards.

Greeting cards were always a wholesome way to show your care and love to any person.When it comes to teacher you must take care of these things very well, thats why we are bringing you some of the coolest and unique greeting cards for you which are best gift for a teacher from a student.

Scroll card (Set of 2)

A traditional and royal method of delivering message was through scrolls. An appealing gift for a teacher who teaches history.Now express your gratitude towards your tutor with some added royalty.Unique teacher appreciation gift, gift for a female teacher, gift for a male teacher.

Price: 449₹

Best teacher certificate

May be your school or college didn’t certified your guide to be the best teacher but for you they may be your rock star. This fun best teacher certification will make your mentor know that how much they mean to you and how vast their influence has been on you.This is among one of the best teacher appreciation gift ideas.

Price: 349₹

Teachers Awesome Creature Card

Our educators take care of our all the wuss and fuss.They are not just our mentor but also our friend in life.Away from home they make us feel like home.YES, we all agree that teacher’s are awesome creatures.This awesome creature funny card will bring a joyous smile on to your mentor’s face.Also includes same theme printed key chain.Check this out to select the perfect gift for a teacher.

Price: 299₹

Guruji Gift Set

Impress your guruji with this desi combo of greetings gifts. This combo has contained cushion cover, coffee mug,greeting card and a nice key ring all with the message ‘guru ji pranam’ printed on it. Definetly an awesome combo gift for male or female teacher.

Price: 499₹

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2. Diary and Planners.

When it come to discipline then only person strikes on our mind is our eductaor. Because they are so detrmined and strict in their daily routine just because to shape our goals. So to make thier their life more easier and more planned lets  gift them something which can help them to extract more of them.


A lot of people have the habit of writing journals from time to time.This journal contains handmade papers and has leather cover.It’s an ideal classy journal to preserve special memories.Suitable gift for a teacher on teacher’s day.


Stciky Notepad with Phone holder.

This is ultimate solution for those educators who have to give notes to many student as a solution to their problem.Not only this espacially design gifting goodie is just awesome as it has a phone pocket,clip holder comes with free Iphone stylus. This diary style note organiser is best gift for a teacher on teacher’s day.

Price: 799₹

Notebook organiser with Phone,Calculator, Pen holder.

This leather notebook organiser is so classy looking goodie for teachers. It comes with tough looks and best for keeping notes intact in such elegant manner . This Planner / notes diary can be carried to interviews , meetings or personal use . You can also give it as a birthday gift for taecher friend.

Price: 899₹

Memo Organiser with Calcultor,Calendar and more

This carzy looking teacher assecories containing 2 Sticky Note Pad, 5 Index Pads, 1 Ballpoint Pen, Calculator in PU Leather Case. Arrow flag notes in bright colors make the notes easy to notice. Must have gift for male or female teacher on teacher’s day.

Price: 490₹

3. Special Mugs for Teachers Only

We all remember those days when we had to get up early in the morning for school. It was not just us who was in a hurry for school along with us there were our teacher’s who also had to make on time for school. Help them start their day with a big cup of coffee in one of these special mugs for teacher’s. It’s also one of the perfect birthday gifts for teachers from students.

Teacher Funny Facts Mug.

This mug has listing of all the nutritional value in an educator.Your teacher will find awesome facts about them.It shows how much hard working, caring,determined he/she is with nothing to regret for.Go check this awesome Gift mug.

Price: 294₹

Cute quote Mug.

This cute quote mug is perfect gift for a teacher.Show your admiration towards your mentor by gifting this special mug to them on their birthday or as a gift for teacher’s day.This mug is simple yet so meaningful.

Price: 310₹

All in one teacher Mug.

This all in one coffee mug represents the qualities of our tutor that make them so special for us.Share your gratitude towards your tutor and make your bond even stronger and happier through gifting this white coffee mug.Also makes a cute birthday gift for teacher.

Price: 299₹

Best Teacher Mug

There are certain guides in our life with whom we share a friendly relation.Gift this best teacher mug to your fun and friendly mentor.Eventually they are world’s best teacher because they make our life grow much better.Check this one of the best teacher gift mug now.

Price: 299₹

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4. Gadgets for Teachers.

Gadgets makes our life easier, everyone loves it. So we have picked some gadgets that you can gift to your tacher. These are best gift for teacher from a student. List has includes awesome gadgets which will be suitable for tachers day gift or gift for a teacher friend.Lets check out unique gadgets.

Credit card shaped teacher’s day pen drive

This Stylish Credit card shaped high speed pen drive is a great gadget gift for a teacher.This teachers day themed pen drive could store upto 32 GB of data.This pen drive is sleek in style and could be easily carried in wallet.This is one of the most useful and trendy teacher gift.

Price: 1,198₹

LED clip light lamp

For all those late night readers.You don’t even need to turn on the lamp or move towards the night lamp.Read wherever you feel comfortable.This is a battery operated LED clip light.It could be easily clipped onto any book,e-book.An amazing teacher gift,birthday gift for a teacher.

Price: 450₹

Anti-gravity floating globe

This floating globe is not any magic globe but instead floats because of electronically generated magnetic field.This is a cool gift option for your mentor.This floating globe also contains which makes it look even more amazing at night.So, if you were thinking of gifting a globe to your teacher then check out this unique item now.

Alarm clock on wheels

This nasty alarm clock will not stop beeping unless you wake up.Give your educator a morning full of fun by gifting this clock on wheels as a teacher gift.This clock produces sound like R2D2 from star wars, and jumps off the rack once the snooze button is hit.One of the most amazing and unique birthday gift for a teacher.

5. Stationary Accessories for teacher.

We have picked some weird strange and unique stationary items one usually dont get thier eyes on. When it come to gifting teachers on teachers day gifting these products is highly recommended.Gift it as teacher farewell or on their birthday.

Help me bookmarks

One of the most useful stationary for an educator and all the bookworms.No more folding pages and difficulty in remembering on which page you were.Cute birthday gift for teacher from students.A perfect gift for a teacher friend or book lover friend.Suitable gift for male/female teachers.

Price: 235₹

Multi functional Desk organizer

Now keep the desk neat and tidy with this multi functional desk organizer.A wonderful gift for teacher. Could be used at home as well as at school.This desk organizer contains a pen stand,letter holder, card holder,paper clips holder. A daily use accessory for anyone.

Price: 359₹

3-D Fruit shaped memo pad

Wonderful portable 3-D fruit shaped memo pad.Now instead of writing notes into your books,use this memo pad to write important notes.A cute gift for teacher from student.If you were looking for something cute and simple then this might be your pick.

Longest Zipper pouch

This zipper pouch could hold pencils,stationary or cosmetics.It is made out of a single long zipper.Easy to carry your stuff anywhere you go. Our teachers need to carry a lot of stationary and other accessories to school every day thus this could be your perfect teacher gift choice.

Bone shaped ball pens

One of the most overrated gift for teachers is a pen so what makes these unique?These are not some normal ball point pens but instead are shaped into actual human bones. An extraordinary gift for a teacher who teaches biology, gifts for professors, nurses,etc.A collection of 5 different excellent quality bone shaped pens.

Price: 657₹

Superman invisible bookshelf

Amaze every one around you with this amazing invisible bookshelf.An impressive decor gift for a teacher.Looks like superman is holding the books along the wall.Want to gift something extraordinary and amazing to your educator?Check out this awesome piece now!

Price: 359₹

personalized teacher gifts

6. Personalized Teacher Gifts

Personalized teacher gifts is the best way to become the teacher’s pet in 2018.Honor them with these awesome gifts which are personalized just for them. Show your love and affection with these personalized gifts. These products are exclusive handpicked by us.

Engraved Photo with personalized quotes

Get an amazing engraved picture art on stem beech wood.Best teacher’s teach from the heart not from the book, get these kind of awesome and touching quotes engraved along with your teacher’s picture.You can even get your own poem engraved on it.A touching gift for a teacher from the heart. Ideal gift for male teacher’s and gift for female teacher’s.

Price: 740₹

Notebook with your Teacher’s Name and Quote.

Notebooks are so important whether its for students or for our favaourite teacher. But regular notebooks are so boring and dull, why not add some unique quote or name into it or lets just say personlized it for our teacher. check these awesome design and submit your name and quote to them.

Price: 250₹

Personalized luggage tags(set of 2)

Luggage tags are very much in fondness these days.You can easily personalize these with name and address and present it as a gift to someone.An awesome gift for travel friendly teacher friend.Ideal gift for both male and female teacher’s. COuld also be given as a farewell gift from student to teacher.

Price: 399₹

Personalized Gift set

Check out this gift product if  you are searching for a gift for male teacher.This gift pack contains card holder,multi-tool,pen and a key chain.All of these items will come personalized with your provided name.A unique and useful gift for a teacher.Birthday gift for teacher from student.

Price: 605₹

Finally we are ending our list for Best gifts for teacher’s day. Now you have brief idea for what to gift your teacher.We know our list was pretty exclusive but you got the idea. Now go and surprise them on this teachers day. These can be best gift for teacher farewell , birthday gifts for teachers from students, gift for female teacher in India.

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