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Paper Cup Garland Lights For Diwali Decoration

With Diwali coming around the corner,we are bringing another great and simple diwali decoration ideas for you.Since Diwali is all about lights and decorations we are going to explore more creative ideas to enhance the beauty of this festival.

Did you had any idea that you could do so much with just simple paper cups and string lights?No?Just carry on and you will find really simple and inexpensive diwali lights decoration ideas.Intensify the allurement of your decoration by placing these handmade diwali lights along with some Decorative Designer Diyas.

Let’s move on to our string lights diwali decoration ideas with paper cups.

Diwali lights from paper cups (With Yarn)

A quick and easy DIY for your home decoration.All you require to implement this cute idea is:

  • String lights
  • Paper Cups
  • Some Colored Yarn
  • Glue

Wrap colorful yarn around the paper cups and stick it using glue.Then mark X on the bottom of the paper cups and just insert the lights through these X marks. Your wall decor is ready!

Black and White Paper cups Garland

For this all you need is some rice lights,paper cups and black sharpie or marker.

Start by making simple patterns such as polka dots,triangles, or patterns.You can also refer to old tribal style paintings and drawings and draw them too.Fill in with black at suitable places and voila! Your another elegant and classy diwali decor paper cup garland is ready in just minutes.

Colorful lights Paper Cup Garland

Personally,This one’s my favorite.It’s as simple as others and pretty unique.You can create the illusion of different colored lights while using a single color.Check out video below to learn how to make this awesome piece.

Snow Flake Cup Garlands

For this artistry and elegant design you need to replace your paper cups with some plastic cups.Just cut out some Snow flake designs on white paper and stick it inside of the glass. Put on the lights and they are ready.

Since we are making them for diwali you could just replace the snow flake cuttings with diyas or candles and your own diwali theme lights are ready.

Washi tape Designer Paper cup Garland Lights

If you aren’t a washi tape fan then you will be after this DIY. Washi tapes can do a lot and this is just another example of how useful and fun to use they are.

Cover your white paper cups with different washi tapes in different patterns and you won’t believe your eyes how cute they turn out to be.

If you don’t want to use washi tapes you can apparently use light printed sheets and cover your cups with them.This looks simple but believe me they turn out to be real beautiful.

These were some trendy and beautiful decorative ideas for this diwali session.If you have a taste for DIY’s and creativity then try this beautiful decorations at your home.For various candle decoration ideas take a look at 7 DIY Candle Decorations for diwali.


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