7 Wonderful days of valentine’s week and their vibrant celebration.

Valentine’s week is that time of year when we can truly feel the romance and love in the air around the globe. People make various efforts to make their valentine’s week special so that they could cherish the memories forever. But, have you ever thought about the significance of each day during valentine week? Each day holds a particular importance in its own special way therefore if you are planning to make your valentine’s week special this year, you better get to know about them a little bit.

February 7- Rose Day

The first day of Valentine’s week is Rose day marking the beginning of this week-long celebration of love, friendship and peacefulness. As the name suggests Rose day is celebrated by gifting your loved ones Roses. Each relationship is celebrated with different colored roses so selecting the right rose is the specialty of this day. You can select Red for a romantic relationship, yellow for friendship and white/pink for staring a new friendship.

Valentine's week-Rose Day

February 8- Propose Day

We may have seen in movies that after giving rose next comes the proposal, in the same manner the next day is celebrated as Propose day. After sending your message through Roses it’s time to convey your heartfelt feelings yourself. The best way to express your feelings is through gifting them a box full of chocolates with hidden notes. You can even use secret message pills, message bottles, decorate a box and fill it with hand written notes. This is the day when you accept your feelings for your lover or crush.

Valentine's week- Propose day

February 9- Chocolate Day

Romance and love are incomplete without the sweet mixture of chocolate and valentine’s week would have been imperfect without a day dedicated to chocolates. There are hundreds and thousands of varieties of chocolates to choose from. The market is flooded with romantic heart shaped candies and chocolate boxes. If you are looking for something extra and special you create mini chocolate molds or cakes yourself. Trust me your partner will be surprised and more than happy to see your effort in making their day memorable.

Valentine's week chocolate day

February 10- Teddy Day

The next and cutest of all days is teddy day. Generally, girls have loads of fun on this day as they are supposed to be obsessed with stuff toys and teddies. You can find some soft toy related unique gifts for girls as they are their companion in bed from childhood. It’s not a tough task to select a cute teddy for your lover in fact the difficult task is of thinking of a surprise unique gift for the ones who are not fond of teddies. You can plan an outing to some place fun or prepare them teddy shaped cake or candies or gift them a teddy merchandise.

Valentine's week - Teddy Day

February 11- Promise Day

Promises and Commitments are vital for every relationship. The fifth day of valentine’s week is dedicated to all the promises that people make while being in love and relationship. Commitment is the key factor of every healthy relationship so it’s necessary to plan this day carefully. You can spend some quality time with your love and talk about all the promises that you mean to keep.

Valentines Week- Promise day

February 12- Hug Day

One of the most romantic days of the week is hug day. Being too busy and missing those soft cuddles and warm hugs? Try planning a whole day with you lover, plan on activities like cooking together, watching a movie in bed or something like that. As known Soft warm hugs by our partners on tough days are a great way of strength. Valentine’s week would have been incomplete without it.

Valentine's day- Hug day

February 13- Kiss Day

The most awaited day of the week is finally here. A day before valentine’s day kiss day is celebrated as the symbol of love as it can say all those unsaid words that you have been longing to say. Kiss on different parts of body conducts different messages for example a kiss on forehead is a symbol for care, kiss on hands is a symbol of gratitude, kiss on cheeks represents young love and so on.

Valentine's day- Kiss Day

February 14- Valentine’s Day

Lastly the day for which every lover or couple swoon. Although valentine’s day is not declared as a holiday in any part of the globe yet you can feel the festive vibe. The most important of all the day is here, in case you haven’t been able to dedicate each day to your partner make sure to make this day special. Plan whatever you both enjoy and create such memories that could be cherished forever.

Valentine's day

Valentine’s week is the perfect time of the year to express your love and feelings for someone.  People of all age group celebrate their love during the week. The right way to do so is finding the right gift, chocolates, promises and hugs at the right places. You can find some unique gifts for girls at trendaap for making your perfect day even more memorable. We would be glad to play a small part in your happiness.

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